Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its Christmas timmmmmeeeee!

Enter stage left... the holiday snow shovel, Christmas line ups and traffic ridden roads.

Exit stage right... all your hard earned dollar, sanity and possibly your hair haha

This is the first Christmas where i will find myself away from home... working, rotting and bored... but its cool. Im working on a bunch new and exciting projects right now :) First and probably most awesome; a private consulting gig that could yield some exciting dollars and finnnalllly spark my desire to engage in my long sheltered marketing company business plan.

Another awesome little project is still in the works... still awaiting the boss to set a meeting time with me. Problem is the last time we meant to meet she got her car broken into... so it was a no-go. I missed her again today due to other commitments; its getting a bit frustrating... but no worries.

The last thing ill disclose on my bloggity blog is a new website im working on with a friend. Its going to be great. The basic idea is: we are developing a place where Londoners and near by music/theatre folk can go to find out all of the upcoming shows coming through. We also have plans to do restaurant reviews and possibly monthly publications... fingers crossed everyone!!

One last note before i neglect this blog for another month... i got a really nice surprise to find out i had more followers hehehe, im going to try and post more (and better) material in hopes of keeping your attention.

PS. what gift would you buy for someone who has everything?
my answer: Storage.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Fell Asleep ZzZz

Looks like i havent posted anything in quite some time...
My days started changing as classes got back in motion, thus not allowing my bloggity blog to continue to flurish. BUT SO MUCH HAS HAPPEND SINCE THE LAST POST!
  • Classes started again (obviously)
  • began a mentor ship with who i believe is the most powerful woman in SW Ontario. (whom i adore)
  • Left my job due to communication problems (long story, maybe ill write about it at some point...)
  • Found the most amazing networking site out there its been sooo good to me
  • Had a meeting with the VP of a huge broadcasting company ( A Channel)
  • Possible job in CHEESE for Christmas (through Mr. Linkedin)
  • Might have fallen in a bit of love? (i'll regret writing that later haha)
  • Working on some production side projects
  • Won a big Kesseler Memorial Marketing award!
  • working with 3 live clients right now!!!
  • !!!!
Things are going great!
what are 3 of the great inspiring things that have happened in your life these past 3 months?? COMMMMMMENT!

Friday, July 31, 2009


I have decided to abandon the last post haha

Bigger news is afoot. So today has been full of surprises.

1. my mom drove 400km to surprise me this morning with a visit. inadvertedly waking me up at 5:00 but its cool haha. nothing like a decent breakfast.

2. On my way to work this morning i noticed that i didnt have enough change in my pocket for parking. This enticed me to get a coffee on the way to create some change. On my way out of the parking lot I looked left, and then right (as usual) -No one in sight- look left again -road is clear, so i pull out. Then i hear "STOOOOOOOOP (picture an old old man voice saying this...)" to my surprise i had bumped a 90 year old man who just assumed his age gave him the right of way on the side walk...
Everything is good, hes okay, didnt tip his motor chair, but could have easily ended with me getting raped by a guy named buhbah.

All in all, pretty exciting. Big weekend of photography and geocaching! Have a great weekend errrrrybudy!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Down Time... *YAWN*

The days are getting longer...

Work has gotten slow, the big projects are completed and i have 3 weeks left on this work study. Its been an interesting summer so far... to be continued tonight!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Geek Transformation in Effect

Lets Recap...

This past summer i have been manning the aparment solo style. My room mate went home to work rather than stay in our lap of luxury. Which is fine. But due to mass amounts of bordem and lack of friends who decided to stay in town for summer i have resulted in some pretty lame activities...

Revision3 has become my new best friend, what with its webisodes (word ive never used since the start of May). I was first drawn here by Veronica belmont, once i became somewhat bored with Tekzilla i checked everything else out. Diggnation is amazing... i dont know why but i could watch alex and kevin talk about funny shit for hours haha. I think its because they have the exact same sense of humour as me... idk how many times ive sat around wondering if id have sexual relations with Martha Stewart.

These shows have been keeping me so informed about gaming (one of my loves in life), new technology, what to buy what not to buy, how to make the stuff i have better and basically make the most out of the internet. Ive developed a huge interest in programming and design this past year, and this is just adding fuel to my steam engine.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Soundtrack Today

I thought for todays blog id do something a bit different and talk about some of my favourite artisits in the wild and crazy world of music.

FIRST: im a die hard fan of Alexisonfire... so much so that i engaged in some shady dealings to get a pre-release version of their last cd. Which to my surprise had George singing rather then screaming, which kind of dampend the whole thing for me... there is nothing better than driving around and screaming with him as loud and wild as you can. Long live Water Wings.. im a Lower East Side Splatter Punk for life!

SECOND: About three years ago i heard a song called 'The City is Mine' by a no-name rapper out of Toronto (City of my birth) named Drake... it was the best beat ive heard in a long time... Now he;s turned into a big name by getting signed to Lil Waynes Younge Money label... goiod for him! Finally putting Toronto on the map!

THIRD: MSTRCRFT!!!! need i say more??

Hope you enjoyed it

Saturday, July 4, 2009

You can get alot done before 8am

So as i may have wrote before... im an early riser, this morning i was up at quarter to six in the morning. I felt prompted to just jump out of bed and get going on some work (ie. cleaning)

Within the time i got up and started this post, ive cleaned the whole kitchen and made a delicious cup of tea. SPEAKING OF GOOD TEA! Last night i went to the local Sheisha house i go to every now and then... The owner a Mr. CRAZY Joe, has the greatest space for his business. Lots of space, very very clean, great food for a great price and great sheisha for customer consumption... He's a client of mine at the office and i do alot of his advertising.
I figure its a good idea to give business to business that has been given. Its also really nice to go somewhere where the owner knows you and takes extra special care of you (dont mean to sound as if i know everyone but you know what i mean).
Crazy Joe told me in our last conversation that the City of London has been giving him problems though; neighbouring business claim that his establishment is dirty and attracts sketchy people to that area of town... They even went as far as petitioning his construction of a patio after catching wind of it from rumours (in this case the rumours were true)...

It breaks my heart to see things like this happen to honest hard working people... Luckily for Joe he has a niche in the city. There are no other businesses like this in London; there is also a LARGE Middle Eastern population as well as students who enjoy spending 3 hours enjoying a big comfy sofa, more sheisha then they can smoke and all the tea and coffee they can drink...for ten dollars...

My last note on this post is MY TEA IS DONE!! After long hours of taste testing i have come up with the greatest (in my opinion) tasting tea out there ;) Click my widget on the right to find out more!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Working hard or Hardly Workin???

In my experience its much better to be constantly working, constantly striving to get past the 'level' your at.

If there is an oppertunity at work? at play? in the social world... freggen do it.
For me these experiences are possibly the greatest things that can happen. By taking advantage of things like this you can learn about things you might not otherwise know anything about...

I wouldnt have known anything about writting, insurance, mortgages and even dodgeball without making these connections.

And ask questions, you'd be surprised how much you can find out about things (how easy manipulating the system) can be if you ask questions, or shoot a couple of well directed smiles.

Keep your eyes open, and save some room for Jello!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Full Frontal Nudity??

As some of the followers of this blog know, i work in an office setting making phone calls to businesses finding out whether or not they want to place advertisements in our media outlet...

Yesterday while doing some cold calling i got quite the response to my regular sales pitch... the call went sort of like this:

Me: "Good afternoon, im with FSU publications and we are looking to fill up some advertisement space in our orientation edition of the Interrobang newspaper here at the college, is there someone i can speak with about this?"

Christina's Pub: " oh wooow... could i do any ads with full frontal nudity??"

Me: "Sorry?"

Christina's Pub: "Full frontal nudity..."

Me: " ummm, im pretty sure we dont offer full frontal nudity... etc."

then the whole call kind of fell into its natural course of: "oh well, your gonna have to call after 3 to speak with the manager..."

Even if this was some big joke on me, i dont really care cause it actually made my day...(and my blog) lol
But could this have been some sort of deflection tactic the "Pub attendant" (or owner) might have used in order to totally keep me from selling him advertise space?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you Have Actual Eye Problems or are you Retarded??

Have you vever been walking around in a mall or on a campus and saw people wearing their sunglasses in a giant windowless (for the most part) building?

Doesnt that just grind your gears?????

I can understand the few steps while coming into the place... but like while your peeing? or talking to me? sooo Lame...

The only reason i put this small post on the blog is because i think if i were to speak these words out loud i might seem like a prick or a winer... oh well..

just dont do it...

Monday, June 22, 2009

That New Home Smell

As some of us know (hopefully all) this past weekend was fathers day. So in honour of that my dad drove 350km to come hang out with me in London. We spent the Friday hanging out, buying groceries (because im poor) having a beer and talking about the news.

Later that night we sort of planned out the days events for Saturday, while watching the first episode of season 13 ...breath... of TOP GEAR!

Side Bar: Basically the best show there is. I recently found out that they get half a BILLION viewers per show worldwide. Pretty amazing.

Anyhow, the plan was: hit the mall so i can figure out what kinds of tea would taste best for my new brand (Still in progress), maybe see a movie, and what ever. We get to the huge shopping centre and i find a little tea house to check out. The lady helping me was awesome. My dad ended up walking to the Real estate agent. He's a big fan of House shopping. After i was finished up i joined him and we ended up going to see a house (based on a small idea i had the other day). Before i know it, im checking out the parameter of an ammmmaaazzzzing bungalo, which i toootally want!

Things are in motion to get the house. All in all, a pretty good fathers day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Edge of My Seat

Since ive gotten GoogleAd Sense, ive constantly been checking the account balance and how much ive made through it. (I promise this is the last time ill talk about google adsense in my blog).

But honestly, facebook is pretty much out of my life now... still have the account though, im like a phantom (yes phantom) to it lol. Which is good, cause I usually think of it as a disease. Long story short (because this post is made up in a bit of a broken fashion) Im happy with Google right now. Im also happy that im weening myself off of facebook!

Im not editing lol

I was watching Teckzilla and saw an ad that Veronica Belmont. And she was talking about her brand of tea She made some deal with adagio tea. I WANT ME OWN BRAND OF TEA ALSOOO!!! it'll happen soon, keep a look out! Once i get this figured out ill post some information about it. I have a few ideas for flavours, but if you think you know the most amazing blends let me know. Whats your favourite flavour?????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call a Doctor Im a Blogaholic...

I LOOOOOOOOVE some of the app's for this whole google blog situation ive gotten myself into haha. The Ad Sence thing is mega cool (though at the time when i uploaded it i felt like a sell out, but screw it were in a recession haha). Money for doing a blog, who would have thought it to be true...

Todays Agenda!

1. finish this blog
2. Confirm one of my part time jobs for the year
3. data input.... (LAME!)
4. Continue to work on my latest book review...
5. Pull in 2 of my biggest clients... (YOU WONT ESCAPE ME!!)
6. get coffee and breath...
7. work on a deal with an internet Tea company for my own flavour! (interested?? lol)

Stay Proactive...i always say (its nice up here on this high horse lol)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Need a Bike

The ultimate city travel unit lol.

while heading to a meeting yesterday in my giant SUV i decided to kill some time before hand by checking out some of the shops.

Started off in an audio store cause i 'need' a new receiver... might leave that to my room mate in sept. Then i thought a bike would be great.

after having two bikes stolen in my life i thought it might be time for a new cruiser lol. When i got into this small run down looking shop, i was surprised to find it packed.... absolutely jam packed with suits. It would seem like other savvy business people feel that bikes are the new way to go. forget about the beamer i guess...


Monday, June 15, 2009


Whats the number one thing that makes both british and Canadians most upset???
Is it gum on ur shoe? high taxes? bad political systems?


Its people jumping ahead of them in line ups... i didnt think this to be true until today.
I started my morning drive to work just like any other, except i left about 15 mins early... thinking i might be able to catch up on some work that i missed while i was covering for a friend on Friday.
I know that there is traffic along the first 5 blocks of my journey because the city has been doing construction here for the past month or so. This means that the 2 lane road way is shrunk to one.

...And everyone knows it. So to be cute and get through it quicker people fly down the second lane that ends up closing as far as they can and making people who wait in a longer line where they are supposed to wait even longer. These jerks pull right in front of you, so people are constantly trying to stay as close to the person in fronts bumper as best they can without hitting them and keeping an eye on people trying to sneak in. This pisses me off more then anything, and peope who jump the line should be fined... and strung up by their ankles... that is my rant for today

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So i haven't updated my blog in a few weeks (or something)... But i usually find myself reading seth godins blog every morning (he updates daily... i wish i did lol)

But every now and again he writes a blog where he gives a list of things for people to do. Basically he begins by explaining how in 2009 only roughly 20% of grads will find jobs in their field. Seths plan for us is to take a post grad... why not sounds like a great,especially for young people in the business focus.

My own opinion about young business people is that we need to know as much as possible as sharply as possible. Focus on marketing (example) but learn on the side about other aspects... learn HTML, PHP and Flash... Cover your bases. Learn how real estate works; learn how insurance works; learn how Import/export works!

Seth thinks is might be a good call to learn another language (of course it is). He thinks these new grads should write business plans (perfect ones) for sorts of companies they find relevant.

Because of Seth Godin, i ended up taking a chance and asked the editor of where i work if i could write book reviews for our newspaper... it paid off. Im getting an extra trickle of income, resume worthy skills and most importantly im learning. From the Advertising desk to having a column where im boundless. Take some advice, dont just throw it around in your head a little bit and go about your business... do it!

NOTE: you may be thinking to yourself... how does this guy write in a newspaper, his blog postings are crap lol.... Thanks John Said (editor or my paper) lol

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sucks When....

Okay so here i am awhile ago at work, and im asked by my boss lady if i like the band disturbed...

(not really... i dont know any of their songs) i think to myself.

"yea theyre okay" i reply.
"Okay, do you want some tickets, we get alot of tickets to stuff pretty often here..."
"sounds great"

So i take the tickets immediatelty thinking i probably wont actually go, and also that times are tough, my wage here isnt amazing, so maybe ill garnish it a bit...

Well after a trip to kijiji i found i got a few responses. BUT i heavily inflated my prices. My plan was if they didnt sell i could just go see the concert. (why not)
So failed connection after another, i lowered my price, then no response for a few i lowered to reg sales price. I few bites but nothing happend.

I ended up just spending that night hanging out with my mom who had come and stayed for the weekend (very badass of me) and the tickets went to total waste... what a shame

This makes me think of marketing (everything does), what i was trying to do was keep a certain market in the dark about this sale (everyone related to my work, bc im sure this wasnt moral). So in turn i shortend the outlets i used. Which might have been a factor of my lack of success. Interesting

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today... I want a Keytar

As the title of this blog inferrrrrrr's i would really like a keytar. In my fast paced life of growing musical interests I began taking some piano lessons. Ive been doing those for a few months now and feel somewhat confident with Mary had a little lamb...

Whilst driving home from a few sales consultations I had on my list today; a sexy girl on the radio (i assume shes sexy) intro'd the next band they were to play. I came to learn that today was my lucky day because i was about to get my very first taste of the band known as TOFU/or Tons Of Fun University.
She then went on the say how this song had a keytar solo in it... needless to say, i was pumped.
In my youth i had heard only legonds of this mythical instrument. So here i am now looking at them on ebay, they await my mastery... Mary had a little lamb can be to much different on a keytar....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Longest Tuesday to Date...

Good morning all... its currently 9:41 am, I'm at work...
back in the office for another week long stretch gazing into this Acer monitor.
I'm sick today, woke up with a cough that some how tore through my throat as if i had a machine gun in my stomach... I'm not much for clever metaphors lol.

I contemplated not coming in to work today, but with the Monday only being a half days work, i cant afford not to. The place has the sound of people busily typing away, and every ones favourite office weirdo constantly chattering away hopelessly to the office hottie... pathetically,desperately trying to get his foot in the door.

Please understand I'm not the usual suspect for this kind of behaviour, but this person and i have a history of him making my life a little bit lame at times. What were the odds we would be working in the same office this summer.

On another note, I stumbled across an old friend last night... She has re rooted herself in BC for college. After a few minutes of talking i found myself a bit jealous at her latest venture. Shes created a website for herself to sell and display her hand made jewelry. These one of a kind works of art make use of one girls talent and 1970's spirit. I don't usually plug very much but this is definitely something worth looking into !

Happy work days and happy browsing!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Day In the Office...

So... here I am again, another day in the soup. Contact book out, googling for propective clients, trying to be productive... another friday....

Im a bit jealous actually, one of the writers here gets to go to a police clinic today on drunk driving... where she will be able to drive a car while wearing police perscribed booze goggles. How awesome... she doesnt even wanna go.

People just go about their business here.. some on the phone making personal calls, some actually working, and others out to meetings (i wish i was). Others updating their blogs ;)

Ive gotten sort of hooked on this, its become a daily habbit for me this week, I think it will have some longevity this summer. It seems to be a good way to look busy, and create a small outlet, i dont mind it lol.

Tonight will be a nice break from the trials and tribulations of this place, plus monday! good old queen victoria and her infanite wisdom in coming up with the long weekend.
Drinking with some friends, but still saving money... how can this be possible?

Anyways, maybe ill go canvas the city a little bit and try and make some business for myself, cause this office might end me today :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Jenny Jones Cronicles

So its another day at the office, just getting back from lunch.
on that note...
I went in looking to get a soup and sandwich...
There wasn't soup so i was at a bit of a loss, so then i had some trouble finding something to satisfy my hunger haha.
The waiter told me the club sandwich was the best one in the city...
so i went with it. 10Min's later they give me a giant bag with the lonely little sandwich in it and a couple packs of ketchup.
sadly it was DRY.

I find myself (a half hour later) watching old episode clips of Jenny Jones.
First off, Jenny is amazingly attractive...'95 was a good year.
Basically if you want a good belly laugh check it out, here's a quote from an episode i just saw...

"so you have sex for..... McDonald's?"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun at Work

DO you ever think...maybe im having to much fun and not working enough??
its hard to watch some stuff on youtube while sitting behind a desk at work... things that normally give u the smallest response gets multiplied a thousand times because you know you shouldn't be watching it.

I spent some of the morning watching some of the recap videos. A co-worker walked by and caught me snickering to myself (desperately trying to stay in cogneeto) and questioned what i was watching lol.
I sent her the link, and minutes later the whole office is enjoy some nice youtube entertainment.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So today at work I decided to take a hint from one of my business heros and begin a new project... who would have expected that lol.
While trying to find new businesses to advertise for I found myself on Veronica Belmonts Blog, which i love.
She was talking about the new Kindle which isnt available in Canada at all, and yet the states is getting ready to get their 3rd edition... neither here nor there...
I decided to ask a co-worker if he did alot of reading (the Kindle is for uploading ebooks) and then it dawned on me... does our newspaper (...ehm... college newspaper) do reviews on books...

I knew the chances were slim due to a small portion of students who read... just sayin...

He explained to me that we havent done book reviews in a few years... enter ambitious guy who wants to become the be all and end all of everything... my arrogance took over...

Before leaving the office for a sales call I spoke with the editor to see if i could lend my 'expertise' and write up a few articles on book reviews... he gave me the perameters and sent me on my way.

Ive finished my first article about 5 mins ago, and im feeling pretty good about it!
all it takes is a lol

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I follow Myself

So far my blogging experience hasnt been very successful :) . I follow myself HA! so i guess this could be considered to be more of a personal update.

Dont forget to pay the rent man...

...I wont... fuck..

I'm not even to interested in these blog things because this time im using right now to type this could be used for far better things. ie. make dinner, read a book, write a book (blogs do not equal books, similar spelling; but no)
Blogs are somewhat a waste of time, Seth Godin (my marketing god) would probably refuse... yea i get it, its a way to expand your name, your brand and your market... but i could honestly be trying to write a book. With all the internet type that most of us do every day we could all probably have many books each. To me that seems like a more worth while goal.

People get so discouraged when they even ponder the idea of writing a book... "omg have you seen how many pages are in a book?! I couldnt even read one, much less write one.." FALSE!!

but its cool...

The world has kind of gone to shit dont you think? forget the weather, i mean... people care about the wrong things.
who honestly has the time to put 1800 pictures (of mostly themselves) on facebook. Why do people feel the need to "remain relevant" to people who they claim are there friends.... FB friends are bullshit. We all have people on our accounts that we have met once, or a friend of a friends hot friend... haha.
go outside... try to accomplish something, learn a skill

Possibly the biggest waste of time here due to the fact im awknowledging the fact that im typing to myself...