Monday, February 8, 2010


Im entering a cave...
who knows when i will reach the end or what monsters will be inside waiting to microwave me.
I have a good set of boots and plenty of juice for my flash light.
i think it will take me 2 more years to get past the first part of this.

During my time in school lots has happened. Ive met a whole lot of great people; with crazy and interesting ideas. Lately the biggest issue has been the fear of a teacher strike. This is equivalent to getting pulled over by the police, you dont know exactly whats going to happen; but its probably not going to be good (and most likly cost a lot of money).

Thats really all i wanted to say today

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Its 1:20am... i am tired...

I was thinking earlier today that it was time to make another post. Whats been going on lately???

Well two things actually...

1st: My associate and i are planning our first tour for a great up and coming band called Money Honey (links will be posted soon).
We are planning an Ontario/Quebec tour for this summer, starting July 27th. Tickets will be available in all larger Ontario Cities, msg me for ticket information for your city.

2nd: I am in the planning stages of a Cancer research benefit dinner at the London Club for march. Tickets will be 150/plate. This is a really targeted audience; msg me if you would like to put in a donation.

anyways, my pillows are calling me. Msg me with your goings on!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


SO... Hence the title of the Blog whats next...?

I think this year i will do my best to stay focused on everything that has the highest priority right now.
  1. Work on my business
  2. Work on my relationships
  3. Keep my grades decent
  4. Find a new room mate/house lol
  5. Insure a better side job for the summer vacation!
What are your big plans for 2010??

ps. im going to be posting some of the testimonials from people who have orderd my tea! TRY IT NOW LOL