Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Jenny Jones Cronicles

So its another day at the office, just getting back from lunch.
on that note...
I went in looking to get a soup and sandwich...
There wasn't soup so i was at a bit of a loss, so then i had some trouble finding something to satisfy my hunger haha.
The waiter told me the club sandwich was the best one in the city...
so i went with it. 10Min's later they give me a giant bag with the lonely little sandwich in it and a couple packs of ketchup.
sadly it was DRY.

I find myself (a half hour later) watching old episode clips of Jenny Jones.
First off, Jenny is amazingly attractive...'95 was a good year.
Basically if you want a good belly laugh check it out, here's a quote from an episode i just saw...

"so you have sex for..... McDonald's?"

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