Friday, May 29, 2009

Sucks When....

Okay so here i am awhile ago at work, and im asked by my boss lady if i like the band disturbed...

(not really... i dont know any of their songs) i think to myself.

"yea theyre okay" i reply.
"Okay, do you want some tickets, we get alot of tickets to stuff pretty often here..."
"sounds great"

So i take the tickets immediatelty thinking i probably wont actually go, and also that times are tough, my wage here isnt amazing, so maybe ill garnish it a bit...

Well after a trip to kijiji i found i got a few responses. BUT i heavily inflated my prices. My plan was if they didnt sell i could just go see the concert. (why not)
So failed connection after another, i lowered my price, then no response for a few i lowered to reg sales price. I few bites but nothing happend.

I ended up just spending that night hanging out with my mom who had come and stayed for the weekend (very badass of me) and the tickets went to total waste... what a shame

This makes me think of marketing (everything does), what i was trying to do was keep a certain market in the dark about this sale (everyone related to my work, bc im sure this wasnt moral). So in turn i shortend the outlets i used. Which might have been a factor of my lack of success. Interesting

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