Thursday, June 25, 2009

Full Frontal Nudity??

As some of the followers of this blog know, i work in an office setting making phone calls to businesses finding out whether or not they want to place advertisements in our media outlet...

Yesterday while doing some cold calling i got quite the response to my regular sales pitch... the call went sort of like this:

Me: "Good afternoon, im with FSU publications and we are looking to fill up some advertisement space in our orientation edition of the Interrobang newspaper here at the college, is there someone i can speak with about this?"

Christina's Pub: " oh wooow... could i do any ads with full frontal nudity??"

Me: "Sorry?"

Christina's Pub: "Full frontal nudity..."

Me: " ummm, im pretty sure we dont offer full frontal nudity... etc."

then the whole call kind of fell into its natural course of: "oh well, your gonna have to call after 3 to speak with the manager..."

Even if this was some big joke on me, i dont really care cause it actually made my day...(and my blog) lol
But could this have been some sort of deflection tactic the "Pub attendant" (or owner) might have used in order to totally keep me from selling him advertise space?


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Do you Have Actual Eye Problems or are you Retarded??

Have you vever been walking around in a mall or on a campus and saw people wearing their sunglasses in a giant windowless (for the most part) building?

Doesnt that just grind your gears?????

I can understand the few steps while coming into the place... but like while your peeing? or talking to me? sooo Lame...

The only reason i put this small post on the blog is because i think if i were to speak these words out loud i might seem like a prick or a winer... oh well..

just dont do it...

Monday, June 22, 2009

That New Home Smell

As some of us know (hopefully all) this past weekend was fathers day. So in honour of that my dad drove 350km to come hang out with me in London. We spent the Friday hanging out, buying groceries (because im poor) having a beer and talking about the news.

Later that night we sort of planned out the days events for Saturday, while watching the first episode of season 13 ...breath... of TOP GEAR!

Side Bar: Basically the best show there is. I recently found out that they get half a BILLION viewers per show worldwide. Pretty amazing.

Anyhow, the plan was: hit the mall so i can figure out what kinds of tea would taste best for my new brand (Still in progress), maybe see a movie, and what ever. We get to the huge shopping centre and i find a little tea house to check out. The lady helping me was awesome. My dad ended up walking to the Real estate agent. He's a big fan of House shopping. After i was finished up i joined him and we ended up going to see a house (based on a small idea i had the other day). Before i know it, im checking out the parameter of an ammmmaaazzzzing bungalo, which i toootally want!

Things are in motion to get the house. All in all, a pretty good fathers day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Edge of My Seat

Since ive gotten GoogleAd Sense, ive constantly been checking the account balance and how much ive made through it. (I promise this is the last time ill talk about google adsense in my blog).

But honestly, facebook is pretty much out of my life now... still have the account though, im like a phantom (yes phantom) to it lol. Which is good, cause I usually think of it as a disease. Long story short (because this post is made up in a bit of a broken fashion) Im happy with Google right now. Im also happy that im weening myself off of facebook!

Im not editing lol

I was watching Teckzilla and saw an ad that Veronica Belmont. And she was talking about her brand of tea She made some deal with adagio tea. I WANT ME OWN BRAND OF TEA ALSOOO!!! it'll happen soon, keep a look out! Once i get this figured out ill post some information about it. I have a few ideas for flavours, but if you think you know the most amazing blends let me know. Whats your favourite flavour?????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Call a Doctor Im a Blogaholic...

I LOOOOOOOOVE some of the app's for this whole google blog situation ive gotten myself into haha. The Ad Sence thing is mega cool (though at the time when i uploaded it i felt like a sell out, but screw it were in a recession haha). Money for doing a blog, who would have thought it to be true...

Todays Agenda!

1. finish this blog
2. Confirm one of my part time jobs for the year
3. data input.... (LAME!)
4. Continue to work on my latest book review...
5. Pull in 2 of my biggest clients... (YOU WONT ESCAPE ME!!)
6. get coffee and breath...
7. work on a deal with an internet Tea company for my own flavour! (interested?? lol)

Stay Proactive...i always say (its nice up here on this high horse lol)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Need a Bike

The ultimate city travel unit lol.

while heading to a meeting yesterday in my giant SUV i decided to kill some time before hand by checking out some of the shops.

Started off in an audio store cause i 'need' a new receiver... might leave that to my room mate in sept. Then i thought a bike would be great.

after having two bikes stolen in my life i thought it might be time for a new cruiser lol. When i got into this small run down looking shop, i was surprised to find it packed.... absolutely jam packed with suits. It would seem like other savvy business people feel that bikes are the new way to go. forget about the beamer i guess...


Monday, June 15, 2009


Whats the number one thing that makes both british and Canadians most upset???
Is it gum on ur shoe? high taxes? bad political systems?


Its people jumping ahead of them in line ups... i didnt think this to be true until today.
I started my morning drive to work just like any other, except i left about 15 mins early... thinking i might be able to catch up on some work that i missed while i was covering for a friend on Friday.
I know that there is traffic along the first 5 blocks of my journey because the city has been doing construction here for the past month or so. This means that the 2 lane road way is shrunk to one.

...And everyone knows it. So to be cute and get through it quicker people fly down the second lane that ends up closing as far as they can and making people who wait in a longer line where they are supposed to wait even longer. These jerks pull right in front of you, so people are constantly trying to stay as close to the person in fronts bumper as best they can without hitting them and keeping an eye on people trying to sneak in. This pisses me off more then anything, and peope who jump the line should be fined... and strung up by their ankles... that is my rant for today

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So i haven't updated my blog in a few weeks (or something)... But i usually find myself reading seth godins blog every morning (he updates daily... i wish i did lol)

But every now and again he writes a blog where he gives a list of things for people to do. Basically he begins by explaining how in 2009 only roughly 20% of grads will find jobs in their field. Seths plan for us is to take a post grad... why not sounds like a great,especially for young people in the business focus.

My own opinion about young business people is that we need to know as much as possible as sharply as possible. Focus on marketing (example) but learn on the side about other aspects... learn HTML, PHP and Flash... Cover your bases. Learn how real estate works; learn how insurance works; learn how Import/export works!

Seth thinks is might be a good call to learn another language (of course it is). He thinks these new grads should write business plans (perfect ones) for sorts of companies they find relevant.

Because of Seth Godin, i ended up taking a chance and asked the editor of where i work if i could write book reviews for our newspaper... it paid off. Im getting an extra trickle of income, resume worthy skills and most importantly im learning. From the Advertising desk to having a column where im boundless. Take some advice, dont just throw it around in your head a little bit and go about your business... do it!

NOTE: you may be thinking to yourself... how does this guy write in a newspaper, his blog postings are crap lol.... Thanks John Said (editor or my paper) lol