Thursday, June 25, 2009

Full Frontal Nudity??

As some of the followers of this blog know, i work in an office setting making phone calls to businesses finding out whether or not they want to place advertisements in our media outlet...

Yesterday while doing some cold calling i got quite the response to my regular sales pitch... the call went sort of like this:

Me: "Good afternoon, im with FSU publications and we are looking to fill up some advertisement space in our orientation edition of the Interrobang newspaper here at the college, is there someone i can speak with about this?"

Christina's Pub: " oh wooow... could i do any ads with full frontal nudity??"

Me: "Sorry?"

Christina's Pub: "Full frontal nudity..."

Me: " ummm, im pretty sure we dont offer full frontal nudity... etc."

then the whole call kind of fell into its natural course of: "oh well, your gonna have to call after 3 to speak with the manager..."

Even if this was some big joke on me, i dont really care cause it actually made my day...(and my blog) lol
But could this have been some sort of deflection tactic the "Pub attendant" (or owner) might have used in order to totally keep me from selling him advertise space?