Friday, July 31, 2009


I have decided to abandon the last post haha

Bigger news is afoot. So today has been full of surprises.

1. my mom drove 400km to surprise me this morning with a visit. inadvertedly waking me up at 5:00 but its cool haha. nothing like a decent breakfast.

2. On my way to work this morning i noticed that i didnt have enough change in my pocket for parking. This enticed me to get a coffee on the way to create some change. On my way out of the parking lot I looked left, and then right (as usual) -No one in sight- look left again -road is clear, so i pull out. Then i hear "STOOOOOOOOP (picture an old old man voice saying this...)" to my surprise i had bumped a 90 year old man who just assumed his age gave him the right of way on the side walk...
Everything is good, hes okay, didnt tip his motor chair, but could have easily ended with me getting raped by a guy named buhbah.

All in all, pretty exciting. Big weekend of photography and geocaching! Have a great weekend errrrrybudy!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Down Time... *YAWN*

The days are getting longer...

Work has gotten slow, the big projects are completed and i have 3 weeks left on this work study. Its been an interesting summer so far... to be continued tonight!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Geek Transformation in Effect

Lets Recap...

This past summer i have been manning the aparment solo style. My room mate went home to work rather than stay in our lap of luxury. Which is fine. But due to mass amounts of bordem and lack of friends who decided to stay in town for summer i have resulted in some pretty lame activities...

Revision3 has become my new best friend, what with its webisodes (word ive never used since the start of May). I was first drawn here by Veronica belmont, once i became somewhat bored with Tekzilla i checked everything else out. Diggnation is amazing... i dont know why but i could watch alex and kevin talk about funny shit for hours haha. I think its because they have the exact same sense of humour as me... idk how many times ive sat around wondering if id have sexual relations with Martha Stewart.

These shows have been keeping me so informed about gaming (one of my loves in life), new technology, what to buy what not to buy, how to make the stuff i have better and basically make the most out of the internet. Ive developed a huge interest in programming and design this past year, and this is just adding fuel to my steam engine.

Monday, July 6, 2009

My Soundtrack Today

I thought for todays blog id do something a bit different and talk about some of my favourite artisits in the wild and crazy world of music.

FIRST: im a die hard fan of Alexisonfire... so much so that i engaged in some shady dealings to get a pre-release version of their last cd. Which to my surprise had George singing rather then screaming, which kind of dampend the whole thing for me... there is nothing better than driving around and screaming with him as loud and wild as you can. Long live Water Wings.. im a Lower East Side Splatter Punk for life!

SECOND: About three years ago i heard a song called 'The City is Mine' by a no-name rapper out of Toronto (City of my birth) named Drake... it was the best beat ive heard in a long time... Now he;s turned into a big name by getting signed to Lil Waynes Younge Money label... goiod for him! Finally putting Toronto on the map!

THIRD: MSTRCRFT!!!! need i say more??

Hope you enjoyed it

Saturday, July 4, 2009

You can get alot done before 8am

So as i may have wrote before... im an early riser, this morning i was up at quarter to six in the morning. I felt prompted to just jump out of bed and get going on some work (ie. cleaning)

Within the time i got up and started this post, ive cleaned the whole kitchen and made a delicious cup of tea. SPEAKING OF GOOD TEA! Last night i went to the local Sheisha house i go to every now and then... The owner a Mr. CRAZY Joe, has the greatest space for his business. Lots of space, very very clean, great food for a great price and great sheisha for customer consumption... He's a client of mine at the office and i do alot of his advertising.
I figure its a good idea to give business to business that has been given. Its also really nice to go somewhere where the owner knows you and takes extra special care of you (dont mean to sound as if i know everyone but you know what i mean).
Crazy Joe told me in our last conversation that the City of London has been giving him problems though; neighbouring business claim that his establishment is dirty and attracts sketchy people to that area of town... They even went as far as petitioning his construction of a patio after catching wind of it from rumours (in this case the rumours were true)...

It breaks my heart to see things like this happen to honest hard working people... Luckily for Joe he has a niche in the city. There are no other businesses like this in London; there is also a LARGE Middle Eastern population as well as students who enjoy spending 3 hours enjoying a big comfy sofa, more sheisha then they can smoke and all the tea and coffee they can drink...for ten dollars...

My last note on this post is MY TEA IS DONE!! After long hours of taste testing i have come up with the greatest (in my opinion) tasting tea out there ;) Click my widget on the right to find out more!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Working hard or Hardly Workin???

In my experience its much better to be constantly working, constantly striving to get past the 'level' your at.

If there is an oppertunity at work? at play? in the social world... freggen do it.
For me these experiences are possibly the greatest things that can happen. By taking advantage of things like this you can learn about things you might not otherwise know anything about...

I wouldnt have known anything about writting, insurance, mortgages and even dodgeball without making these connections.

And ask questions, you'd be surprised how much you can find out about things (how easy manipulating the system) can be if you ask questions, or shoot a couple of well directed smiles.

Keep your eyes open, and save some room for Jello!