Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So i haven't updated my blog in a few weeks (or something)... But i usually find myself reading seth godins blog every morning (he updates daily... i wish i did lol)

But every now and again he writes a blog where he gives a list of things for people to do. Basically he begins by explaining how in 2009 only roughly 20% of grads will find jobs in their field. Seths plan for us is to take a post grad... why not sounds like a great,especially for young people in the business focus.

My own opinion about young business people is that we need to know as much as possible as sharply as possible. Focus on marketing (example) but learn on the side about other aspects... learn HTML, PHP and Flash... Cover your bases. Learn how real estate works; learn how insurance works; learn how Import/export works!

Seth thinks is might be a good call to learn another language (of course it is). He thinks these new grads should write business plans (perfect ones) for sorts of companies they find relevant.

Because of Seth Godin, i ended up taking a chance and asked the editor of where i work if i could write book reviews for our newspaper... it paid off. Im getting an extra trickle of income, resume worthy skills and most importantly im learning. From the Advertising desk to having a column where im boundless. Take some advice, dont just throw it around in your head a little bit and go about your business... do it!

NOTE: you may be thinking to yourself... how does this guy write in a newspaper, his blog postings are crap lol.... Thanks John Said (editor or my paper) lol

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