Monday, July 6, 2009

My Soundtrack Today

I thought for todays blog id do something a bit different and talk about some of my favourite artisits in the wild and crazy world of music.

FIRST: im a die hard fan of Alexisonfire... so much so that i engaged in some shady dealings to get a pre-release version of their last cd. Which to my surprise had George singing rather then screaming, which kind of dampend the whole thing for me... there is nothing better than driving around and screaming with him as loud and wild as you can. Long live Water Wings.. im a Lower East Side Splatter Punk for life!

SECOND: About three years ago i heard a song called 'The City is Mine' by a no-name rapper out of Toronto (City of my birth) named Drake... it was the best beat ive heard in a long time... Now he;s turned into a big name by getting signed to Lil Waynes Younge Money label... goiod for him! Finally putting Toronto on the map!

THIRD: MSTRCRFT!!!! need i say more??

Hope you enjoyed it


ariane said...

Drake is the Jimmy from Degrassi. I will never be able to take his music seriously.

Jonathon Ellis! said...

terrible... hesss sooooooooo grooves