Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today... I want a Keytar

As the title of this blog inferrrrrrr's i would really like a keytar. In my fast paced life of growing musical interests I began taking some piano lessons. Ive been doing those for a few months now and feel somewhat confident with Mary had a little lamb...

Whilst driving home from a few sales consultations I had on my list today; a sexy girl on the radio (i assume shes sexy) intro'd the next band they were to play. I came to learn that today was my lucky day because i was about to get my very first taste of the band known as TOFU/or Tons Of Fun University.
She then went on the say how this song had a keytar solo in it... needless to say, i was pumped.
In my youth i had heard only legonds of this mythical instrument. So here i am now looking at them on ebay, they await my mastery... Mary had a little lamb can be to much different on a keytar....

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