Monday, June 15, 2009


Whats the number one thing that makes both british and Canadians most upset???
Is it gum on ur shoe? high taxes? bad political systems?


Its people jumping ahead of them in line ups... i didnt think this to be true until today.
I started my morning drive to work just like any other, except i left about 15 mins early... thinking i might be able to catch up on some work that i missed while i was covering for a friend on Friday.
I know that there is traffic along the first 5 blocks of my journey because the city has been doing construction here for the past month or so. This means that the 2 lane road way is shrunk to one.

...And everyone knows it. So to be cute and get through it quicker people fly down the second lane that ends up closing as far as they can and making people who wait in a longer line where they are supposed to wait even longer. These jerks pull right in front of you, so people are constantly trying to stay as close to the person in fronts bumper as best they can without hitting them and keeping an eye on people trying to sneak in. This pisses me off more then anything, and peope who jump the line should be fined... and strung up by their ankles... that is my rant for today

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