Friday, November 13, 2009

Fell Asleep ZzZz

Looks like i havent posted anything in quite some time...
My days started changing as classes got back in motion, thus not allowing my bloggity blog to continue to flurish. BUT SO MUCH HAS HAPPEND SINCE THE LAST POST!
  • Classes started again (obviously)
  • began a mentor ship with who i believe is the most powerful woman in SW Ontario. (whom i adore)
  • Left my job due to communication problems (long story, maybe ill write about it at some point...)
  • Found the most amazing networking site out there its been sooo good to me
  • Had a meeting with the VP of a huge broadcasting company ( A Channel)
  • Possible job in CHEESE for Christmas (through Mr. Linkedin)
  • Might have fallen in a bit of love? (i'll regret writing that later haha)
  • Working on some production side projects
  • Won a big Kesseler Memorial Marketing award!
  • working with 3 live clients right now!!!
  • !!!!
Things are going great!
what are 3 of the great inspiring things that have happened in your life these past 3 months?? COMMMMMMENT!

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