Thursday, June 18, 2009

On the Edge of My Seat

Since ive gotten GoogleAd Sense, ive constantly been checking the account balance and how much ive made through it. (I promise this is the last time ill talk about google adsense in my blog).

But honestly, facebook is pretty much out of my life now... still have the account though, im like a phantom (yes phantom) to it lol. Which is good, cause I usually think of it as a disease. Long story short (because this post is made up in a bit of a broken fashion) Im happy with Google right now. Im also happy that im weening myself off of facebook!

Im not editing lol

I was watching Teckzilla and saw an ad that Veronica Belmont. And she was talking about her brand of tea She made some deal with adagio tea. I WANT ME OWN BRAND OF TEA ALSOOO!!! it'll happen soon, keep a look out! Once i get this figured out ill post some information about it. I have a few ideas for flavours, but if you think you know the most amazing blends let me know. Whats your favourite flavour?????

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