Thursday, July 16, 2009

Geek Transformation in Effect

Lets Recap...

This past summer i have been manning the aparment solo style. My room mate went home to work rather than stay in our lap of luxury. Which is fine. But due to mass amounts of bordem and lack of friends who decided to stay in town for summer i have resulted in some pretty lame activities...

Revision3 has become my new best friend, what with its webisodes (word ive never used since the start of May). I was first drawn here by Veronica belmont, once i became somewhat bored with Tekzilla i checked everything else out. Diggnation is amazing... i dont know why but i could watch alex and kevin talk about funny shit for hours haha. I think its because they have the exact same sense of humour as me... idk how many times ive sat around wondering if id have sexual relations with Martha Stewart.

These shows have been keeping me so informed about gaming (one of my loves in life), new technology, what to buy what not to buy, how to make the stuff i have better and basically make the most out of the internet. Ive developed a huge interest in programming and design this past year, and this is just adding fuel to my steam engine.

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