Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I follow Myself

So far my blogging experience hasnt been very successful :) . I follow myself HA! so i guess this could be considered to be more of a personal update.

Dont forget to pay the rent man...

...I wont... fuck..

I'm not even to interested in these blog things because this time im using right now to type this could be used for far better things. ie. make dinner, read a book, write a book (blogs do not equal books, similar spelling; but no)
Blogs are somewhat a waste of time, Seth Godin (my marketing god) would probably refuse... yea i get it, its a way to expand your name, your brand and your market... but i could honestly be trying to write a book. With all the internet type that most of us do every day we could all probably have many books each. To me that seems like a more worth while goal.

People get so discouraged when they even ponder the idea of writing a book... "omg have you seen how many pages are in a book?! I couldnt even read one, much less write one.." FALSE!!

but its cool...

The world has kind of gone to shit dont you think? forget the weather, i mean... people care about the wrong things.
who honestly has the time to put 1800 pictures (of mostly themselves) on facebook. Why do people feel the need to "remain relevant" to people who they claim are there friends.... FB friends are bullshit. We all have people on our accounts that we have met once, or a friend of a friends hot friend... haha.
go outside... try to accomplish something, learn a skill

Possibly the biggest waste of time here due to the fact im awknowledging the fact that im typing to myself...

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