Saturday, July 4, 2009

You can get alot done before 8am

So as i may have wrote before... im an early riser, this morning i was up at quarter to six in the morning. I felt prompted to just jump out of bed and get going on some work (ie. cleaning)

Within the time i got up and started this post, ive cleaned the whole kitchen and made a delicious cup of tea. SPEAKING OF GOOD TEA! Last night i went to the local Sheisha house i go to every now and then... The owner a Mr. CRAZY Joe, has the greatest space for his business. Lots of space, very very clean, great food for a great price and great sheisha for customer consumption... He's a client of mine at the office and i do alot of his advertising.
I figure its a good idea to give business to business that has been given. Its also really nice to go somewhere where the owner knows you and takes extra special care of you (dont mean to sound as if i know everyone but you know what i mean).
Crazy Joe told me in our last conversation that the City of London has been giving him problems though; neighbouring business claim that his establishment is dirty and attracts sketchy people to that area of town... They even went as far as petitioning his construction of a patio after catching wind of it from rumours (in this case the rumours were true)...

It breaks my heart to see things like this happen to honest hard working people... Luckily for Joe he has a niche in the city. There are no other businesses like this in London; there is also a LARGE Middle Eastern population as well as students who enjoy spending 3 hours enjoying a big comfy sofa, more sheisha then they can smoke and all the tea and coffee they can drink...for ten dollars...

My last note on this post is MY TEA IS DONE!! After long hours of taste testing i have come up with the greatest (in my opinion) tasting tea out there ;) Click my widget on the right to find out more!!!

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