Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Day In the Office...

So... here I am again, another day in the soup. Contact book out, googling for propective clients, trying to be productive... another friday....

Im a bit jealous actually, one of the writers here gets to go to a police clinic today on drunk driving... where she will be able to drive a car while wearing police perscribed booze goggles. How awesome... she doesnt even wanna go.

People just go about their business here.. some on the phone making personal calls, some actually working, and others out to meetings (i wish i was). Others updating their blogs ;)

Ive gotten sort of hooked on this, its become a daily habbit for me this week, I think it will have some longevity this summer. It seems to be a good way to look busy, and create a small outlet, i dont mind it lol.

Tonight will be a nice break from the trials and tribulations of this place, plus monday! good old queen victoria and her infanite wisdom in coming up with the long weekend.
Drinking with some friends, but still saving money... how can this be possible?

Anyways, maybe ill go canvas the city a little bit and try and make some business for myself, cause this office might end me today :)

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Bryna said...

Hey! Got your message on my blog yesterday. Add me as a friend on FB, or send me an email through the SOH account and we can figure out how to get you involved. Thanks for the offer!!