Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Need a Bike

The ultimate city travel unit lol.

while heading to a meeting yesterday in my giant SUV i decided to kill some time before hand by checking out some of the shops.

Started off in an audio store cause i 'need' a new receiver... might leave that to my room mate in sept. Then i thought a bike would be great.

after having two bikes stolen in my life i thought it might be time for a new cruiser lol. When i got into this small run down looking shop, i was surprised to find it packed.... absolutely jam packed with suits. It would seem like other savvy business people feel that bikes are the new way to go. forget about the beamer i guess...



ariane said...

there are sooooo many awesome second hand bikes in london far down dundas I think. I went shopping for them with my friend Roselen last fall. So many bikes for under 100 that are GREAT for street riding. Get a fixed gear and be sooo hipster.

stereoFace said...

i know of one crappy looking place on dundas, maybe ill try it out... and i totally want a street bike but it has to be uni-gear lol