Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Longest Tuesday to Date...

Good morning all... its currently 9:41 am, I'm at work...
back in the office for another week long stretch gazing into this Acer monitor.
I'm sick today, woke up with a cough that some how tore through my throat as if i had a machine gun in my stomach... I'm not much for clever metaphors lol.

I contemplated not coming in to work today, but with the Monday only being a half days work, i cant afford not to. The place has the sound of people busily typing away, and every ones favourite office weirdo constantly chattering away hopelessly to the office hottie... pathetically,desperately trying to get his foot in the door.

Please understand I'm not the usual suspect for this kind of behaviour, but this person and i have a history of him making my life a little bit lame at times. What were the odds we would be working in the same office this summer.

On another note, I stumbled across an old friend last night... She has re rooted herself in BC for college. After a few minutes of talking i found myself a bit jealous at her latest venture. Shes created a website for herself to sell and display her hand made jewelry. These one of a kind works of art make use of one girls talent and 1970's spirit. I don't usually plug very much but this is definitely something worth looking into ! www.rockncopper.esty.com

Happy work days and happy browsing!

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