Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Go iphone go

My first post from the iphone!!! Its kind of amazing! On another note i will be developing a new website kind of esque, so ill keep u posted. Sry my posts have been somewhat inconsistant :(.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey blog havent looked at you in awhile.
update time!

1. working on TD video for possible huge payoff
2. Last year at the college.

Not a whole lot going on in terms of off products. good news is i sold a bunch of my newest tea blend over the christmas break :) so thats cool. what else has gone on... was dating a pretty awesome girl for awhile, that kinda fizzled do to my lack of time and communication skills with her (or so i have concluded.) so thats a bit shitty. This is a new year, and i have been reflecting. Life i think, is a game of inches. if your a couple seconds to late u miss the bus. Couple seconds to early and you have to wait. its tough to be bang on.

Think about what you have done this past year. did u miss anything? or mess anything up?

Goals for the next 4 months:
1. 4.0
2. secure job
3. finish writing this god damn book that has been a year in the making
4. finish this freggen theater script
5. place in TD competition
6. Find a decent girl

haha that last one makes me laugh

Monday, February 8, 2010


Im entering a cave...
who knows when i will reach the end or what monsters will be inside waiting to microwave me.
I have a good set of boots and plenty of juice for my flash light.
i think it will take me 2 more years to get past the first part of this.

During my time in school lots has happened. Ive met a whole lot of great people; with crazy and interesting ideas. Lately the biggest issue has been the fear of a teacher strike. This is equivalent to getting pulled over by the police, you dont know exactly whats going to happen; but its probably not going to be good (and most likly cost a lot of money).

Thats really all i wanted to say today

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Its 1:20am... i am tired...

I was thinking earlier today that it was time to make another post. Whats been going on lately???

Well two things actually...

1st: My associate and i are planning our first tour for a great up and coming band called Money Honey (links will be posted soon).
We are planning an Ontario/Quebec tour for this summer, starting July 27th. Tickets will be available in all larger Ontario Cities, msg me for ticket information for your city.

2nd: I am in the planning stages of a Cancer research benefit dinner at the London Club for march. Tickets will be 150/plate. This is a really targeted audience; msg me if you would like to put in a donation.

anyways, my pillows are calling me. Msg me with your goings on!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


SO... Hence the title of the Blog whats next...?

I think this year i will do my best to stay focused on everything that has the highest priority right now.
  1. Work on my business
  2. Work on my relationships
  3. Keep my grades decent
  4. Find a new room mate/house lol
  5. Insure a better side job for the summer vacation!
What are your big plans for 2010??

ps. im going to be posting some of the testimonials from people who have orderd my tea! TRY IT NOW LOL

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its Christmas timmmmmeeeee!

Enter stage left... the holiday snow shovel, Christmas line ups and traffic ridden roads.

Exit stage right... all your hard earned dollar, sanity and possibly your hair haha

This is the first Christmas where i will find myself away from home... working, rotting and bored... but its cool. Im working on a bunch new and exciting projects right now :) First and probably most awesome; a private consulting gig that could yield some exciting dollars and finnnalllly spark my desire to engage in my long sheltered marketing company business plan.

Another awesome little project is still in the works... still awaiting the boss to set a meeting time with me. Problem is the last time we meant to meet she got her car broken into... so it was a no-go. I missed her again today due to other commitments; its getting a bit frustrating... but no worries.

The last thing ill disclose on my bloggity blog is a new website im working on with a friend. Its going to be great. The basic idea is: we are developing a place where Londoners and near by music/theatre folk can go to find out all of the upcoming shows coming through. We also have plans to do restaurant reviews and possibly monthly publications... fingers crossed everyone!!

One last note before i neglect this blog for another month... i got a really nice surprise to find out i had more followers hehehe, im going to try and post more (and better) material in hopes of keeping your attention.

PS. what gift would you buy for someone who has everything?
my answer: Storage.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Fell Asleep ZzZz

Looks like i havent posted anything in quite some time...
My days started changing as classes got back in motion, thus not allowing my bloggity blog to continue to flurish. BUT SO MUCH HAS HAPPEND SINCE THE LAST POST!
  • Classes started again (obviously)
  • began a mentor ship with who i believe is the most powerful woman in SW Ontario. (whom i adore)
  • Left my job due to communication problems (long story, maybe ill write about it at some point...)
  • Found the most amazing networking site out there its been sooo good to me
  • Had a meeting with the VP of a huge broadcasting company ( A Channel)
  • Possible job in CHEESE for Christmas (through Mr. Linkedin)
  • Might have fallen in a bit of love? (i'll regret writing that later haha)
  • Working on some production side projects
  • Won a big Kesseler Memorial Marketing award!
  • working with 3 live clients right now!!!
  • !!!!
Things are going great!
what are 3 of the great inspiring things that have happened in your life these past 3 months?? COMMMMMMENT!