Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My last 20min on Earth

Remember that time when you thought that the worst thing in the world was about to happen to you? Be it a test you forgot to study for cause u fell asleep watching The Office, about to break up with a Bf/Gf and they had no idea...etc. I bet you had one of those sinking feelings that just couldnt go away, as if you were about to address the world standing behind a podium looking upon all 6 er-so Billion of us. What happened?

As the time drains away it becomes more overwhelming and the pressure builds. In a couple words... its shit. How in the wild world of sports can we deal with that (legally...or not haha)?

For me, as the time nears and the stress comes flooding through me like some kind of Jedi force, i gear up and pinch myself as hard as i possibly can... might sounds pretty stupid... but i totally forget about the terrible thing to come and replace it with something much more terrible... a horrible pain in my arm haha, if that doesnt work then im just anxious and hurt... and in the shit

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