Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey blog havent looked at you in awhile.
update time!

1. working on TD video for possible huge payoff
2. Last year at the college.

Not a whole lot going on in terms of off products. good news is i sold a bunch of my newest tea blend over the christmas break :) so thats cool. what else has gone on... was dating a pretty awesome girl for awhile, that kinda fizzled do to my lack of time and communication skills with her (or so i have concluded.) so thats a bit shitty. This is a new year, and i have been reflecting. Life i think, is a game of inches. if your a couple seconds to late u miss the bus. Couple seconds to early and you have to wait. its tough to be bang on.

Think about what you have done this past year. did u miss anything? or mess anything up?

Goals for the next 4 months:
1. 4.0
2. secure job
3. finish writing this god damn book that has been a year in the making
4. finish this freggen theater script
5. place in TD competition
6. Find a decent girl

haha that last one makes me laugh

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